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Who We Are
Native Roots is a sister owned and operated native plant nursery and retailer. 


Native Plants
What We Do
We cultivate our plants from our wild collected seeds and grow many varieties of wildflowers, grasses, sedges, shrubs, and small trees. Species are available that thrive in a variety of environments including prairies, woodlands, and moist environments such as wetlands, floodplains, rain gardens, and drainage swales.
We also offer culinary and medicinal herbs in both fresh and dried format.
Why Native Plants?


Do you need natural eosion control or want plants that will do well in floodplains or moist areas of your yard? Do you want to join the effort to host a certified butterfly, monarch, or wildlife habitat garden?  Are you hoping to find great alternatives in replacement for invasive plants or non-native plants that don't seem to thrive well in your areas? Visit us at one of our markets or other events to discuss reasons to bring native biodiversity back to your yard. Come with questions and leave with valuable knowledge and beautiful plants!

​Countryside Farmers' Market at Howe Meadow (Cuyahoga Valley National Park)
4040 Riverview Rd., Peninsula, OH, 44264


The Countryside Farmer's Market is our home market community, and very close to our home operation in Richfield. This will be our fourth season as just one of the many wonderful vendors. Native Roots will be at Howe Meadow every Saturday from May 5, 2018 through July 7, 2018 and once a month on thereafter through October.  Market hours are from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. We will sell a wide selection of native plants, fresh and dried organic herbs. If you are wondering where to start, this is the place to come!